Session 6: Innovation Management (11.6.2018)

Learning Objectives

  • Identify key issues in managing emerging technologies
  • Assess priorities in monitoring, scanning, and adopting emerging technologies
  • Identify guiding principles for vendor selection and management
Campus section students will complete A+C+Assignments
Online section students will complete B+C+Assignments

A. Campus Class Meeting Agenda
  1. Guest Speaker: Joe Ferrara, President & CEO, Wombat Technology
  2. Case Discussions 
  3. Team Project Forum (led by Team D)
  4. Introduction to Individual Assignment on Analytics - C
To get some hands-on experience with coding (i.e., software programming), we will try to record and build a macro in Excel. We will also associate the macro with a button!

Watch this tutorial video to learn how to add the Developer tab to the ribbon on Windows, and an illustration of what cool tricks you can do with absolute versus relative macros

Here's Microsoft's documentation on how to add the Developer tab to the ribbon

Watch this tutorial video to learn how to add the Developer tab to the ribbon on Mac.

Watch this tutorial video for popping an input box to get user input

Watch this tutorial video for popping a message box

Watch this tutorial video for creating a simple button to the Excel spreadsheet (or any Microsoft product, such as Word) 

B. EIA for Online Section Only (3 hours per session)
  • Virtual Case Discussion 5 & Individual Assignment on Analytics - C (1.5 hour on WizIQ)
  • Virtual Team Project Forum 5 (1 hour on VoiceThread)
C. EIA for Campus and Online Sections (3 hours per session)
Assignments Due Before Next Session Begins (12 hours of studies outside classroom) 

Quiz 6
Individual Assignment on Case Analysis 1 (IAC6)
Team Assignment (TA6)
    • To be completed BEFORE Quiz 6
    1. Gallaugher Chapter 11: Facebook
    2. Gallaugher Chapter 12: Entrepreneurial Innovation
    3. Gallaugher Chapter 15: Data Asset - An excellent reference for IAA-B assignment
    To be completed BEFORE next Case Discussion and Individual Assignment 6
    1. Austin Chapter 18: Managing Risk
    2. Austin Chapter 19: Looking Forward
    3. Case Study: When health care gets a healthy dose of data
    • IA6 in Moodle
    • Individual Quiz 6 in Moodle
    • TA6
    Additional Resources: Feel free to use these resources to enhance your case analyses, discussion, discussions, or team assignments.

    IT Trends Study Reports available from Society for Information Management (SIM)

    Service Innovation in a Digital World

    Digital hives: Creating a surge around change

    Transforming the business through social tools

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