Session 2: Strategy (9.11.2018)

Learning Objectives
  • Describe specific challenges in leading the Information Technology (IT) function.
  • Define elements of the IT organization.
  • Assess the financial status of a corporation and its implications for leading the IT function
Campus section students will complete A+C+Assignments
Online section students will complete B+C+Assignments

A. Campus Class Meeting Agenda
  1. Q&A
  2. Case Discussions 
  3. Team Project Forum (led by instructor)
  4. More on Individual Assignment on Analytics - A
    B. EIA for the Online Section Only (3 hours per session)
    1. Virtual Case Discussion 1 & Individual Assignment on Analytics - A
    2. Virtual Team Project Forum 1 (1 hour led by Team A)
     C. EIA for both Campus and Online Sections (3 hours per session)
    1. Digital Strategy by McKinsey (7 minutes)
    2. Raising Your Digital Quotient by McKinsey 
    3. Rewiring Citi for the Digital Age byMcKinsey (7 minutes)
    4. How the Internet Works by Khan Academy (1 hour)
    5. What's in Store for Your Digital Enterprise (2014 MIT CIO Symposium)
    6. Where the Digital Economy is Moving Fastest by HBR (1 hour)
    7. Economic Essentials of Digital Strategy (McKinsey) 
    8. Digital Strategy: Understanding the Economics of Disruption (McKinsey Podcast) 
    9. Web History Timeline by Pew Research Center
    10. After the Kodak Moment (aka What happens when a company fails to keep up with digital transformation)
    11. Leading a Digital Transformation? Learn to Code (HBR)
    12. Matchmakers: The New Economics of Multisided Platforms (HBR) (1 hour)
    13. IT Doesn't Matter by Nicholas Carr 
    Assignments Due Before Next Session Begins (12 hours of studies outside classroom) 

    Individual Assignment on Case Analysis 2 (IAC2)
    Quiz 2
    Individual Assignment on Analytics A (IAA-A) 
    Team Assignment 2 (TA2)
    • To be completed BEFORE Quiz 2
    1. Gallaugher Chapter 6: Disruptive Tech
    2. Gallaugher Chapter 7: Amazon
    3. Gallaugher Chapter 16: Internet and Telecommunications
    • To be completed BEFORE Virtual Case Discussion 2 and IAC2
    1. Austin Chapter 4: The Cost of IT
    2. Austin Chapter 5: The Value of IT
    • IAC2 in Moodle
    • Individual Quiz 2 in Moodle
    • IAA-A in Moodle
    • TA2
    Additional Resources: Feel free to use these resources to enhance your case analyses, discussion, discussions, or team assignments.

    The Digital Reinvention of an Asian Bank

    Why CIOs should be business-strategy partners

    Digitizing the Value Chain

    How Kodak squandered every single digital opportunity it had

    Thomas Reuters CEO on Making Information Useful

    The economic essentials of digital strategy

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