Session 1: Introduction (8.28.2018)

Learning Objectives

  • Explain course objectives
  • Explain course expectations
  • Define what Information Systems are and what they are not
  • Form teams
Campus section students will complete A+C+Assignments
Online section students will complete B+C+Assignments
 A. Campus Class Meeting Agenda
  1. Meet and greet 
  2. Course overview  
  3. Team formation and project selection
  4. Team site set-up
  5. Recap: To-dos before next class meeting  
  6. Introduction to Individual Assignment on Analytics - A
B. EIA for the Online Section Only (3 hours per session)
  1. Virtual Course Introduction (1 hour on WizIQ)
  2. Self Introductions on VoiceThread (1 hour on VoiceThread) 
  3. Team formation & team site setup (1 hour)
C. EIA for both Campus and Online Sections (3 hours per session)
  1. Experience a CIO's reading lists for a semester, and sign up for important newsletters - InformationWeek, CIOInsider, MIT SMR, McKinsey Business Technology, Digital Leadership from MIT Sloan Management Review, and HBR's Monthly Newsletter on Technology and Innovation
  2. The Three New Skills Managers Need (MIS Sloan Management Review)
  3. Strategic Principles for Competing in the Digital Age (McKinsey) 
  4. How Companies Become Digital Leaders (McKinsey Podcast)
  5. Explore The Enterprisers Project site  
  6. Enterprise Architecture podcast by Professor Jeanne Ross
  7. Webinar "Design a Digital Strategy That Works" by Professor Jeanne Ross of Harvard University (Presentation materials available here
  8. Meet CIO Halamka (who has a guest appearance in our Austin novel!)

Assignments Due Before Next Session Begins (12 hours of studies outside classroom) 

Quiz 1
Individual Assignment on Case Analysis 1 (IAC1)
Team Assignment 1 (TA1)
 To be completed BEFORE Quiz 1
  1. Gallaugher Chapter 1: Setting the Stage
  2. Gallaugher Chapter 2: Strategy and Technology
  3. Gallaugher Chapter 10: The Sharing Economy
To be completed BEFORE case discussions in next class session and Individual Assignment 1
  1. Austin Chapter 1: The New CIO
  2. Austin Chapter 2: CIO Challenges
  3. Austin Chapter 3: CIO Leadership
  • IAC1 in Moodle
  • Individual Quiz 1 in Moodle
  • TA1: Team Formation (Access and submit in Moodle)
Additional Resources
  • The Wall Street Journal's CIO Network
  • Deep Shift: Technology Tipping Points and Social Impact (by 2016 World Economic Forum)
  • Executives See AIs Sitting on Boards by 2025: Executives and experts from the IT and communications sectors are bullish about the potential of artificial intelligence, according to a survey by The World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on the Future of Software & Society. 45% of respondents said that the first AI machine would sit on a corporate board of directors by 2025. 75% predicted that at least 30% of corporate audits would be performed by an AI by that time. And 78% said that driverless cars would represent at least 10% of the vehicles on U.S. roads.

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