Session 7: Business Analytics (11.20.2018)

Learning Objectives  
  • Explain how increasingly standardized data, access to third-party data sets, cheap, fast computing and easier-to-use software are collectively enabling a new age of decision making
  • Manipulate the basic functions of a data warehouse
Campus section students will complete A+C+Assignments
Online section students will complete B+C+Assignments

A. Campus Class Meeting Agenda
  1. Case Discussions 
  2. Team Project Forum (led by Team E)
  3. Finalizing Individual Assignment on Analytics - C
B. EIA for Online Section Only (3 hours per session)
  • Virtual Case Discussion 6 (1.5 hours on WizIQ)
  • Team Project Discussion 6 (1 hour on VoiceThread)
C. EIA for Campus and Online Sections (3 hours per session)

Assignments Due Before Next Session Begins (12 hours of studies outside classroom) 
      Additional Resources: Feel free to use these resources to enhance your case analyses, discussion, discussions, or team assignments.

      Methods 101 Series by Pew Research Center

      Infographic: The surprising things you don't know about big data

      INFORMS page on Analytics

      Certified Analytics Professional administered by INFORMS is a rigorous recognition of analytics professionals and experts. 

      Data Management Body of Knowledge by DAMA defines a standard industry view of data management functions, terminology and best practices, without detailing specific methods and techniques.

      Chrysler's Data Quality Management Case Study

      Certified Data Management Professional administered by DAMA is coming soon! 

      Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century

      How to Work Confidently with Numbers People 

      Google Analytics Academy: The Digital Analytics Fundamentals course offered by Google's Analytics Academy is free, and provides a great foundation for our future marketers who need a solid understanding of marketing analytics on the Internet. The Google Analytics Platform Principles course is also free, and is designed for intermediate users to learn more about how Google Analytics works.

      HBR/Oracle Webinar on Big Data & Sales (PPT Presentation available here  
      Ten Kinds of Stories to Tell with Data

      HBR Guide to Data Analytics for Managers

      Is Excel Making Your Nonprofit Mediocre?

      How Target Figured Out A Teen Girl Was Pregnant Before Her Father Did

      At UPS, the Algorithm is the Driver 

      Predictive Analytics: Pagerank Algorithm Reveals World's All-Time Top Soccer Team

      What Do Pregnant Women Want?

      Ten Algorithms That Dominate Our World

      Why Websites Still Can't Predict Exactly What You Want 

      Most HR Data is Bad Data

      For Big-Data Scientists, "Janitor Work" is Key Hurdle to Insights

      Not All Scientific Studies Are Created Equal by David Schwartz (TED ED 4.5 minutes) 

      Diagnosing Your Decision: Deciding on How to Decide

      Guess the Correlation is a simple online game that makes statistics addictive!
      Beware Spurious Correlations 

      Use this website Spurious Correlations to discover correlations between two apparently unrelated factors

      See a sample of Spurious Correlations

      Detecting Bias in Data Analysis

      On the Care and Feeding of Your Analytics Talent

      Coke-Cola's Unique Challenge: Turning 250 Datasets into One

      Webinar: Predictive Insights - Turning Machine Data Into Intelligent Action

      The Big Connection: Improving Business with Insights as a Service

      There are always two sides to every coin. Take a look at arguments and research supporting the value of instincts (as opposed to data-driven decision making):  

      Instinct can Beat Analytical Thinking

      Everything you think you knew about L-O-V-E is wrong 

      Machine Learning
      What every manager should know about machine learning (HBR)

      An executive's guide to machine learning (McKinsey) 

      Where machines can replace humans - and where they can't (yet) (McKinsey)

      A quick guide to neural networks

      Deep Learning textbook by Ian Goodfellow, Yoshua Bengio and Aaron Courville. MIS Press.

      Deep Learning Lecture 1 by University of Oxford 

      Google DeepMind teaches artificial intelligence machines to read

      Robot Analysts and Robot Reporters

      A new approach to supply chain risks (HBR)

      Interactive Data Viz: Powering Effective Decisions (HBR)

      Big Data Analytics Educational and Research Website

      Free online course on deep learning by Google

      Analytics and agriculture: New online library shares how analytics is transforming the way we feed the world (by INFORMS)

      Advanced Machine Learning with Basic Excel

      Resources for Health Authority Analysts

      How to measure Customer Satisfaction Correctly?

      Big data, little data, no data by Professor Christine Borgman 

      Little Bee Books that explain tough concepts in data science

      Analytics firms in Pittsburgh
      Rhiza (Marketing Analytics)
      Marinus (Human Trafficking) 
      Qualaris (Healthcare) 
      Management Science Associates 
      First Insight
      Cognistx (Cognitive Computing)
      Pensiamo (Cognitive Supply Chain) 

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